The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office believes that communication with the residents of Hillsborough County is essential to their success. Traffic in Tampa Bay can be a challenge on the best days. For these reasons the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to provide the residents of Hillsborough County with the HCSO AudioTraffic app –free to download and use on your Apple or Android device. The HCSO AudioTraffic app is a totally audio app with traffic reports and information bulletins you can listen to when driving --- no more dangerous maps to stare at on your phone while driving. AudioTraffic app reporters and researchers work with HCSO staff to give Hillsborough residents up-to-the minute traffic information that includes traffic conditions, suggestions for alternate routes and ways to avoid locations that are experiencing traffic delays.

HCSO’s AudioTraffic app also gives residents up-to-the-minute information bulletins from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office with information on everything from criminal activity to missing children and endangered adults. Even important information during hurricane season.

The HCSO AudioTraffic app is free from the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play. Download it now and stop staring at traffic maps while driving. Start listening to Tampa Bay’s best traffic information whenever you want.


Want your community to have its own AudioTraffic App?

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Q: What makes AudioTraffic different?
A: With other traffic apps you have to stare at a map on your smartphone while at the same time driving. That’s scary. AudioTraffic is 100% audio ---- you can listen to local traffic information from real traffic reporters. It’s not distracting and not scary
Q: How does AudioTraffic work?
A: It’s simple: Just download the AudioTraffic app for your community in the App Store or on Google Play. To listen to the latest traffic report, you can either launch by saying “Launch Audio Traffic” or simply touching the AudioTraffic icon on your phone. After that, relax and listen.
Q: What areas are covered by AudioTraffic?
A: The AudioTraffic app for iPhone and Android devices is available in a growing list of localities. Go to Participating Localities to see if your community is listed. If you’d like to have an AudioTraffic app available in your community, give us a call at 561-275-5055, Ext. 707 or email us at info@audiblemediagroup.com. We’ll tell you how you can get AudioTraffic in your community.
Q: Where do the traffic reports I hear on AudioTraffic come from?
A: AudioTraffic reports are produced and reported by experienced traffic reporters and researchers working with local law enforcement. The reports aren’t “computer generated” – they’re the product of top-notch traffic reporters working hard to get you the best traffic information available. And doing it in an all-audio format that allows you to drive and not be distracted.
Q: Why are there ads on AudioTraffic?
A: AudioTraffic is totally free. You don’t pay a penny to hear up-to-the-minute traffic reporting in your community via your iPhone or Android device. No taxpayer dollars are used either. AudioTraffic is totally dependent on the generous Sponsorship by businesses in your community who believe that safe, distraction-free, audio traffic reports are important and can help improve the quality of life in your community.
Q: How often are their new traffic reports?
A: Constantly. During morning and afternoon drive time, reports are presented at least every 5 minutes, unless there is no change in traffic conditions. The moment traffic conditions change, you can be assured a new report will be available.